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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Wiki | Contestants | Game History | Nominations

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 is the second season of the Malayalam version of Bigg Boss. The show was scheduled to air its finale on April 18, 2020, making it a total of 106 days. However, due to the COVID-19 virus, AsiaNet decided to suspend the show, forcing the housemates to leave the game on March 20, 2020. There was no winner for this season.

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2
Season Information
Host Mohanlal
Season 2
Prize Money ₹1 crore
No. of Housemates 23
No. of Days 76 (Planned for 105 days, But season discontinued due to Covid Lockdown)
Winner No Winner
Runner-up No Runner-Up
Channel Star Asianet
Season Duration January 5, 2020 - March 20, 2020
Season Episodes 99
Filming Dates January 4, 2020 - March 19, 2020 (Planned till April 18th, 2020)
Location Chennai
Series History
Previous Season
Next Season

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Contestants | Housemates Status | Cast

BBMS2 | Fukru Krishnajeev TR

Fukru (Krishna Jeev), Internet Celebrity, (Finalist)

Arya Badai , TV Host (Finalist)

BBMS2 | Arya Babu
BBMS2 | Raghu Subhash

Raghu Subhash, Radio Jockey (Finalist)

Alasandra Johnson , Model (Finalist)

BBMS2 | Alasandra Johnson
BBMS2 | Saju Navodaya

Saju Navodaya aka Pashanam Shaji , Film Actor (Finalist)

Sujo Mathew , Model (Finalist)

BBMS2 | Sujo Mathew
BBMS2 | Alina Padikkal

Alina Padikkal , TV Host & Actress (Finalist)

Abhirami Suresh , Singer, Actress (Finalist)

BBMS2 | Abhirami Suresh
BBMS2 | Amritha Suresh

Amrutha Suresh, Singer (Finalist)

Daya Ashwathy , Social Activist, Internet Celebrity (Finalist)

BBMS2 | Daya Aswathy
BBMS2 | Reshma Rajan

Reshma Rajan, Model

Rajith Kumar , Social Activist (EJECTED)

BBMS2 | Rajith Kumar
BBMS2 | Veena Nair

Veena Nair , Film & TV Actress

Jazla Madasseri , Social Activist

BBMS2 | Jazla Madasseri
BBMS2 | RJ Sooraj

RJ Sooraj , Radio Jockey

Manju Pathrose , TV Actress

BBMS2 | Manju Sunichen
BBMS2 | Pradeep Chandran

Pradeep Chandran , Film & TV Actor

Pavan Gino Thomas , Model

BBMS2 | Pavan Gino Thomas
BBMS2 | Thesni Khan

Thesni Khan , Film Actress

Pareekutty Perumbavoor , Internet Celebrity

BBMS2 | Pareekutty Perumbavoor
BBMS2 | Suresh Krishnan

Suresh Krishnan , Director

Somadas Haridasan , Singer

BBMS2 | Somadas Haridasan
BBMS2 | Rajini Chandy

Rajini Chandy , Film Actress