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About us

Let’s have a history class ? (Please adjust with my English?)

Let’s start from Day 1 ✌️

During Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2, I was following only one Instagram page related to Bigg Boss Malayalam. That page was “Bigg Boss Malayalam Critic”. If I am not wrong, that page was managed by 2,3 girls. They were not biased towards any contestant (at least I felt so). They didn’t had huge number of fans , followers were just under 1000, just because their posts were neutral and unbiased.

I was a huge fan of their analysis posts, criticisms, etc. I didn’t had any Bigg Boss related pages at that time. So I was commenting on their posts from my personal account.

That page was one of very few bigg boss related pages that were not afraid to criticize Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Contestant Rejith Kumar and his toxic armies.

I still don’t know who were the admins of that page, but their posts connected with me very well. So I was waiting for their comeback for Season 3. But after the logo launch of Season 3, their page just disappeared.

I was in a 50-50 situation. If I should start a Bigg Boss related Instagram account or not. I was a little busy those days, I remember it was February 8th, 2021. That’s when I seriously decided to toss a coin to find out if I should start a BB page or not. So I decided to have a “Best of 5” on toss as I always do. I only had to toss coin for 3 times as all of the first 3 tosses came out to be the same.

Same day (February 8th, 2021) I created this page (, and I am really really happy now. My page received huge support from Bigg Boss Malayalam Instagram fans right from the start and I got a lot of good friendships through this page. I can’t reveal anything beyond this right now ?

At the end of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 week 9, I decided to start an Unofficial bigg boss voting website to find out the latest voting trends. So I created this Bigg Boss blog. ?

Thanks for spending your time and reading my page & website’s history.

Thanks Makkale.. ❤️? (Read it in Priyanka Deshpande‘s Voice if you know her ?)